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let's try some noisebit

a music rotation community

yo yunho
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music uploads♥♥

you have found noisebit!
here, we will post downloads to various types of music. ♥
our favourites are asian artists & english indie/pop! :D reviews and translations may also pop up from time to time ♥
u pl oad s ּ f r om *
k umiּּ kumikuri
e ssyּּ essyllus
v ivaּּ freefallskyline
c atּּ sleepyroll
r u le s ּ cr e d it s *
always comment when downloading! ♥
please don't share our links out without asking.
leftover links to donate? that would be great~
at the moment, we are not taking requests.
however, feedback is appreciated!
we want to know what you like to hear ^^

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our graphics journal : soryaaa
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